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This is a period of unprecedented public and private investment in Lowell. View “Lowell Means Business” and learn about our competitive edge.



We work on transformative projects that improve the experience and reputation of Lowell.

The Lowell Plan, Inc. is a private non-profit economic development organization that (1) provides a forum for private and public sector leaders to discuss Lowell’s economic, educational, and cultural development; and (2) supports and advocates for partnership programs that advance the strategic goals of the organization.

Since 1975, financial institutions and private developers have collaborated to restore the historical integrity of Lowell. Partnerships: Building on our Success, celebrates of the 35th anniversary of the Lowell Plan and the 40th anniversary of the Lowell Development & Financial Corporation.

Lowell - A 2020 Vision

Courtesy: Tory Germann Photography on behalf of Lowell Plan


Nancy Donahue is chosen to receive a cultural philanthropy award by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

"Anita Walker, the council's executive director, said "it was no contest" for choosing Donahue for the award, with her decades of commitment, both financially and with her time.

Walker served on a panel with Donahue and others during a Lowell Plan program in October. Walker said she noticed "all the energy and warmth focused on Nancy at the event." Read more in The Sun article, December 28, 2016.


Public Matters

The Lowell Plan’s Civic Engagement Program

To increase civic engagement among Lowell's diverse population, The Lowell Plan, in partnership with Lowell National Historical Park, annually recruits a cross-section of individuals from the business and nonprofit sectors, neighborhood activists, community practitioners, and planners of exceptional skill who work or live in the city. The candidates must display leadership ability and have the potential to take that capacity to a higher level.

Public Matters provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in this city's history, revitalization, and plans for the future; to meet civic leaders and learn from their experience; to discuss case studies of significant and controversial projects; to pause in the middle of your careers and personal lives to take stock of what you have learned and experienced; expand your skills among talented colleagues in a great city; and to chart the next phase of your involvement in Lowell.

Read brief bios of the members of Public Matters 2017.



Nationally Recognized

Jeff Speck

Nationally recognized urban planner Jeff Speck meets with Lydia Blanchard to prep for his keynote address to the Lowell Plan membership (October 2nd, 2014). Lydia is owner of Sweet Lydia’s and serves on the Lowell Plan Board of Directors.

Lowell Downtown Evolution Plan

Executive Summary

Download a copy of the Executive Summary of the Lowell Downtown Evolution Plan (PDF).  Download a low resolution version of the full report (PDF). Depending on your internet speed, these downloads may take a few minutes.

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