Download a copy of the Executive Summary of the Lowell Downtown Evolution Plan (PDF). Last updated August 22, 2012. 

Depending on your internet speed, these downloads may take a few minutes. Individual chapters are available to download below:

Chapter 1. Activities Downtown
Chapter 2. Streets in General
Chapter 3. Street Reconfigurations
Chapter 4. Signals and Crosswalks
Chapter 5. Transit
Chapter 6. The Riverwalk and Canalway System
Chapter 7. Parking
Chapter 8. Walkability Analysis and Urban Triage
Chapter 9. Recommended Short-Term Interventions
Chapter 10. Recommended Mid-Term Interventions
Chapter 11. Recommended Long-Term Interventions
Chapter 12. Lowell High School
Chapter 13. The Lower Locks
Chapter 14. An Approach to Success