Lowell Plan Public Matters: A Program in Civic Engagement

Application for Admission - Deadline is Friday, November 2, 2018

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Application Instructions

A complete Lowell Plan Public Matters Application consists of the following:
  1. A completed application form and associated questions.
  2. Your resume. Send directly to melissa@lowellplan.org
  3. Two letters of recommendation. Send directly to melissa@lowellplan.org

Answers to the Questions

Please provide your thoughts about your career to date, your future professional goals, and how participation in Lowell Plan Public Matters will aid your development as a leader in Lowell are of special importance to us in the selection process. Responses to questions may be provided on one additional sheet attached to the application. Please include your name and the related question at the top of the page.


Your resumé should include educational background, significant work assignments, current position, volunteer activities in Lowell, and other items of note.