2011 Members of Lowell Plan Public Matters

2011 Members of Lowell Plan Public Matters

Lowell Plan Public Matters provides a setting for experiential learning in the context of the City of Lowell. We focus on Lowell National Historical Park as we seek to examine, understand, and appreciate the City’s industrial past, the current cultural revitalization, and historic preservation efforts.

The following thematic areas will be explored:

  • Reinventing a New England City

  • Public Narrative

  • Neighborhood Quality of Life

  • Governance

  • Social Capital

  • Immigration

  • Neighborhoods

  • Economic Growth

  • Health and Social Services

  • Role of Local Media

  • Civic Engagement in Action

  • New Lowell

Members will observe, define, analyze and practice leadership skills through a variety of tools, methods and activities. The course will encompass demonstration, lecture, video presentation, simulation, cooperative learning, class discussion, observation and analysis of Lowell-based case studies, interviews of community leaders, and field trips.

Essentials for PM 2011

Essentials for PM 2011