Deadline: Oct. 10, 2017

Nominators assist us to identify potential candidates for membership in Public Matters: A Program in Civic Engagement. Nominators display the following qualities:

  1. Nominators understand that people can be exceptional leaders at any age and from the private and public communities in Lowell.
  2. Nominators appreciate the distinction between the very good and the exceptional.
  3. Nominators do not feel limited to their area of expertise when making nominations, but are able to place each nominee’s work within the larger context of Lowell.

The following criteria will aid the selection process:

  1. Does the nominee have the potential to make a positive impact on Lowell’s future?
  2. How has the nominee displayed exceptional creativity and inventiveness in his/her work, offering a decidedly new way of thinking, imagining, doing?
  3. Is the candidate a natural problem-solver and collaborator?
  4. How would participation in this program enable the nominee to advance his/her work?
  5. Nominations will be carefully reviewed and considered first for personal traits and professional excellence, and then for diversity in profession, age, gender, race, and ethnicity.

Inventiveness and Creativity: Some of the ways these characteristics manifest themselves include:

  1. Imagining and building something entirely new;
  2. Advancing a well-defined field in an unexpected way; and
  3. Combining typically separate endeavors with surprising and original results.

Components: Completion of the Nomination Form is required. Nominators should make a case for the candidate’s potential as a future leader in Lowell; describe his/her ability as an innovative and creative thinker, problem-solver and collaborator; and imagine the impact of this experience on work and career.

Address communication to: Rosemary Noon, Director, Public Matters: A Program in Civic Engagement, The Lowell Plan, 660 Suffolk Street Suite 120, Lowell, MA 01854.

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