December 2016 Newsletter

Partner with the Public Sector

On September 30, the Lowell Plan membership gathered for our annual breakfast to hear a series of talks on Lowell’s competitive edge. The event was held at UML’s Inn and Conference Center.

Initial speakers included: Gary Campbell, Lowell Plan co-chair; Mayor Edward Kennedy; Sen. Eileen Donoghue; and Roger “Sam” Altreuter, Lowell Plan member and principal of Farley White. City Manager Kevin Murphy gave a “state of the city” address to the city’s political, educational, business and nonprofit leaders.

Executive Director Jim Cook introduced the Lowell Plan’s new media piece Lowell Means Business, geared toward attracting new development and business. 

Baseball and hockey were the metaphors for Lowell’s successful private/public teamwork.  New Spinners owner and new Lowell Plan board member, David Heller is committed to keeping the team in Lowell. He said, “We’re not in the baseball business. We’re not in the sports business and we’re not in the entertainment business. We’re in the memories business.”

UMass Lowell hockey coach Norm Bazin was introduced by Chancellor Jacquie Moloney. Bazin, a Canadian from Manitoba, gave the keynote address connecting his efforts to build a team to the partnerships in Lowell. His presentations included surprising and funny references to his current players and to the nineteenth century tightrope walker Charles Blondin who crossed Niagara Falls. After he told a story of Blondin asking a cheering spectator if he thought he could push him across Niagara Falls in a wheelbarrow. When the man replied, “Yes.” Blondin said, “Get in!” Bazin explained, “It’s one thing to believe a man can walk across by himself. But it’s something else entirely to get into the wheelbarrow yourself. You have to believe you will win.”