We work on transformative projects that improve the experience and reputation of Lowell.

The Lowell Plan, Inc. is a private non-profit economic development organization that (1) provides a forum for private and public sector leaders to discuss Lowell’s economic, educational, and cultural development; and (2) supports and advocates for partnership programs that advance the strategic goals of the organization.

Since 1975, financial institutions and private developers have collaborated to restore the historical integrity of Lowell. Partnerships: Building on our Success, celebrates of the 35th anniversary of the Lowell Plan and the 40th anniversary of the Lowell Development & Financial Corporation.

This is a period of unprecedented public and private investment in Lowell. View “Lowell Means Business,” "Lowell- A 2020 Vision" and "There's a lot to like about Lowell" to learn about our competitive edge.


Lowell - A 2020 Vision

Courtesy: Tory Germann Photography on behalf of Lowell Plan