Public Matters

The Lowell Plan’s Civic Engagement Program

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To increase civic engagement among Lowell's diverse population, The Lowell Plan, in partnership with Lowell National Historical Park, annually recruits a cross-section of individuals from the business and nonprofit sectors, neighborhood activists, community practitioners, and planners of exceptional skill who work or live in the city. The candidates must display leadership ability and have the potential to take that capacity to a higher level.

Public Matters provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in this city's history, revitalization, and plans for the future; to meet civic leaders and learn from their experience; to discuss case studies of significant and controversial projects; to pause in the middle of your careers and personal lives to take stock of what you have learned and experienced; expand your skills among talented colleagues in a great city; and to chart the next phase of your involvement in Lowell. For more information, read Public Matters.

On April 12, 2017 the title of the Public Matters session was The Big Move; Immigration.  Alums from previous Public Matters classes discussed their experiences and we were joined by special guest Reem Niyazi from Baghdad.  There is an upcoming on Reem's experiences.  Read more, Documentary.

Public Matters Members 2017


(left to right) Claire Ricker, Caleb Chang, Rich Denio, Marisa Veiga, Cathy Mercado, Jeff Brunelle, Lisa Bettencourt, Pat Kenney, Sara Khun, Donna Corbin, Kate Thoene, Katie Stoll, Karen Davis, Heather Prince Doss, Colleen Gordon,  Resi Polixa, Brian Hanehan, Joey Bahn, Christine Bruins, and Steve Horan.

Photos above are of the June 21st event. 

Please view Heather Prince Doss' remarks at the concluding session held Wednesday, June 21:

Read brief bios of the members of Public Matters 2017.